Making Your Radio Station Bigger

We’re all here because we’re amateurs. We love but we do, but I think we can all admit it would be nice to get some recognition for the work that we do as Radio Enthusiasts. Recently, I’ve been trying to make it big, and despite not achieving world domination I have managed to gather a larger audience than I ever had before... Such local channels as Splash FM in Worthing gave away an engagement ring from Orla James, and saw great success on both ends.

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Start Own Internet Radio Using Playstore

Important parts that you will need for this project

  • 512 MB Raspberry Pi and Arduino IC
  • Potentiometers that are digital
  • Rotary encoders
  • LCD monitor
  • 600 mA, 12-5v DC to DC converters
  • Amplifiers

In addition, you would also require tools to complete this project. These include laser ctter, router, bus pirate, and calipers.

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How To Make A Radio Controlled Camera Pod

It is a very exciting idea to be able to control a recording camera with the help of a remote control. You can certainly make a remotely controlled mount pan for your ordinary camera to tilt and pan just like a very expensive camera. The idea behind a radio controlled camera comes from the principle of remotely controlled toy cars. It is easy to replicate the steering and assembly of a toy car to come up with a remote that can control the tilt and pan of a security camera. You would require 2 and not one remote controlled toy car to be able to make a remote for your ordinary camera.

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