Start Own Internet Radio Using Playstore

Important parts that you will need for this project

  • 512 MB Raspberry Pi and Arduino IC
  • Potentiometers that are digital
  • Rotary encoders
  • LCD monitor
  • 600 mA, 12-5v DC to DC converters
  • Amplifiers

In addition, you would also require tools to complete this project. These include laser ctter, router, bus pirate, and calipers.

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How To Make A Radio Controlled Camera Pod

It is a very exciting idea to be able to control a recording camera with the help of a remote control. You can certainly make a remotely controlled mount pan for your ordinary camera to tilt and pan just like a very expensive camera. The idea behind a radio controlled camera comes from the principle of remotely controlled toy cars. It is easy to replicate the steering and assembly of a toy car to come up with a remote that can control the tilt and pan of a security camera. You would require 2 and not one remote controlled toy car to be able to make a remote for your ordinary camera.

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